Awakening from the Dark

from by Symphonaire Infernus



That was just another night of anguish
That grim creature walking through the forest
In your thoughts just the desire to commit suicide
There was nothing else to do
And right now everywhere

About the bridges and on the cliff
Inside their homes or on the altar
Is there anyone who has lost all faith
And will still be there in the morning?
Or will they throw into the darkness forever
As a child living in the corners
Walking away from everything and everyone
In his room black, immersed in tears

Living life philosophizing, trying to find a sense
But so much pain and misery, so much hypocrisy and selfishness

In fine, all those decaying smiles
Will turn into dust one day not too far
And now one step closer to the final decision
Stay trying or slip into the abyss?

This is the moment, there is no more time
The fate is in your hands
This is the book of human tragedy
Being born in a day to die in another
But is there light in the other side?
And if we live our lives and wait our time
And suddenly everything changes as a miracle

And can wake of this insane sleep
Awakening from the dark
Awakening to eternity


from The Path of Murk, released August 1, 2013
Keyboards by B.Junior (In The Shadows)



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Symphonaire Infernus Brazil

Symphonaire Infernus is a one-man Black Metal horde from Brazil. The horde consists of only Emperor Diavolos. The first album is available now!Containing 6 songs!

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